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14 Sep

Improving and sprucing up a vacation rental is a dream to several Airbnb hosts and this has caused the eruption of several companies who are willing to help these hosts.  It is not easy now a days to keep up the pace of the property management industry.  These property managers had at some point to bend their capacity in marketing so as to support the 50% high cost. 

Thankfully the Airbnb site was launched and it made it easy for guests to search and make their booking all at once from this platform.  There are however some gaps that have not been addressed by Airbnb.  This concerns that Airbnb has not addressed had to be attended to and this has seen the opening up of other companies to assist in that.   

The maturity of hostfriend Airbnb has been as a result of the guests who have experienced Airbnb. The hosts are full-time and they endeavor to find ways in which they can better their guests experiences and also maintain sanity.  

They find it tiring to make a bed and at the same time answer the question asking if their place is available for rental.  Sometimes Airbnb hosts are worn out to an extent they start thinking if it is really necessary to outsource or they can do the work themselves. 

There is a lot of  freedom that comes with outsourcing a vacation rental property management  but you do not have enough control.  There is the question if the outsourcing company will keep the thorough maintenance level and quality.  The hosts are fully aware that one bad comment is enough to bring down a full-blown Airbnb project .

This makes the hosts to panic and at this point they feel they want to manage the day to day operations in their properties regardless of if they have to host other travelers and hosts.  Mosts hosts in Airbnb have not worked in the hospitality industry but they are aware of what good airbnb host services are like.  A host who wants to maintain a five star level in his vacation rentals should never think of having over their property to a third party provider.

Airbnd guests expect a high level of quality service from their hosts.  Gone are the days when hospitality was about giving hosts old beddings and some cereals.  Guests are expecting to met by pleasant smiles at the door, flawlessly clean bathrooms, some good food and fresh in the fridge to snack away.  Airbnb and other property management companies must ensure that they maintain the standard that guests expect to receive as this will ensure the industry matures.   This is the reason that has caused the fast evolvement of property management companies so that they can match the industry's needs.

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